Accounting - Tax Services

Accounting services

  • Accounting follow up, update and control of business books of B’ (single-entry system) or C’ (double-entry system) category, according to the applicable provisions
  • Organizing and supervision of your accounting department at the headquarters of your company or in our offices
  • Imports cost accounting
  • Monitoring of the accounting principles and standards in accordance with the Greek Accounting Plan, the decisions of the Accounting Standards & Controls (ELTE) and the Accounting Standards Council (SLoT)
  • Budgeting control systems ‘cash flow’
  • Update and checking of your books in accordance with applicable provisions
  • Company establishment through the General Commercial Registry (GEMI)
  • Establishment and support of foreign companies
  • Redact and signing of financial statements
  • Compilation and record keeping of SA – Ltd firms
  • Publications of the financial statements
  • Seminars on accounting - labor - tax issues, to inform and educate the employees of the accounting department

Tax Services

  • Compilation, signing and electronic submission of all income tax returns
  • Compilation, calculation and submission of property tax
  • Effective treatment-attendance on tax inspections
  • Electronic archiving of all statements and documents
  • Quarterly budget of taxable income

Payroll Services

  • Payroll records
  • Employee's payment receipts
  • Payroll Analysis
  • Recruitments - Contracts - Withdrawals – Dismissals
  • Employers grant programs
  • Contract Conversions
  • Electronic submission of Analytical Periodic statements (APD)
  • Electronic issuance of insurance clearance
  • Effective treatment on inspections
  • Statements per worker and fund
  • Updating on changes in collective labor agreements
  • Schedules of working hours
  • Part-time contracts
  • Contracts of job rotation
  • Book of employee's permits
  • Overtime book
  • Issues of security technician and occupational physician
  • Settlement of labor disputes

Rates of Tax Services 2015

  • Consulting Services at our headquarters: 20,00 € per visit
  • Tax Tips: 30,00 € per query
  • Deposit Statement for Employees or Pensioners: 50,00 €
  • Deposit Statement for Freelance Professionals: 300,00 €

Moreover charges

  • Statement E9: form 40,00 € | Statement E2: from 10,00 €
  • Edition of tax system ID ‘klidarithmos’: free of charge
  • Other tasks in the Tax Office: 40,00 € / hour