• General Data Protection Regulation
  • Preparation and implementation of corporate development studies
  • Business planning
  • Business evaluation studies
  • Business sustainability studies
  • Crisis management consulting
  • Restructuring and more effective operation of the Finance and Accounting departments
  • Training of the personnel working in the Accounting, Finance, Warehousing, Logistics, Commercial and Sales Departments and company-specific training
  • Support during negotiations with Banks, the Public and the Private Sector
  • Consulting Services regarding the Sale and Purchase of companies
  • ΕCorporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence services
    Sample audits and all the necessary actions to facilitate the assessment of corporate, financial and operational risks and opportunities, within the context of the negotiations regarding the acquisition of an entity or of a Cash Generating Unit.
  • Financial and other related services
    Preparation of statements pursuant to the IFRS
  • Preparation of statements for the purposes of decision-making processes and for the assessment of the progress of the group and its affiliates, as well as of departments, e.g., Cash Generating units
  • Negotiation and renegotiation of loan contract terms, translation from and into Greek/English, risk assessment
  • Assistance regarding the organisation and management of the accounting department, seeking economies of scale opportunities, optimisation of decision-making processes, fraud and major error risk prevention
  • Organisation of the internal audit department and carrying out internal audit procedures at a constant flow. These audits may deal with financial and operational risks and/or forensic audit
  • Presence in the negotiations for the sale/purchase of an entity or a cash generating unit, as well as evaluation of the relevant entity or cash generating unit
  • Assistance in strategic planning and establishment of both qualitative and quantitative indicators, so as to optimise the monitoring of the performance of an entity and its departments, at a constant flow
  • Planning of structure and support of corporate development and business expansion in Greece and abroad
  • Planning and implementation of a Communication Strategy, with the objective to increase sales and turnover
  • Personnel training on the organisation and more effective task performance
  • Sales techniques
  • Franchise planning and implementation
  • Planning and implementation of a Communication Strategy through both direct and indirect advertisement and other communication actions


  • Electronic filing and listing of supporting documents via scanner (Digital Accounting)
  • Specialisationin construction entities
  • Specialisation in gas station businesses
  • Monitoring of accounts, updating and auditing of accounting records (single-entry or double-entry accounting system), pursuant to the Greek accounting standards
  • Organisation and supervision of a business’s accounting department, either at your business’s registered offices or at our own offices
  • Cost assessment for imports
  • Checking accounting principles and standards pursuant to the Greek General Chart of Accounts, the decisions of the Hellenic Accounting and Auditing Standards Oversight Board and the decisions of the Accounting Standards Board
  • Application of “cash-flow” budgetary control systems
  • Updating and auditing of accounting records pursuant to the applicable provisions of Law 4308/14
  • Establishment of a company by means of the Hellenic General Electronic Commercial Registry service
  • Establishment and support of foreign companies
  • Preparing and signing of financial statements
  • Drawing up and keeping records of General Meetings - Board of Directors’ Meetings of capital and joint businesses (e.g., S.A., Limited Liability Company and Private Company)
  • Publication of financial statements
  • Organisation of seminars on accounting, labour, tax matters, and on updating and training the personnel working at the accounting department of the partner company


  • Income tax return for all entities (S.A., Limited Liability Company, Private Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Non-profit, NGO)
  • Tax planning studies, pursuant to European Directives
  • Mediation for transfer of tax residence (of persons residing abroad)
  • Specialisation in the taxation of persons residing abroad
  • Preparation, signing and e-filing of all income tax returns, VAT, indirect taxes and stamp duty.
  • Preparation, calculation and payment of Real Estate Tax and Unified Property Ownership Tax (ENFIA)
  • Effectively addressing tax audits and corrective income tax assessment acts
  • Electronic filing of all tax returns and documents
  • Quarterly and monthly budget and taxable income calculation
  • Drafting and sending requests to the Directorate for Settlement of Disputes


  • Personnel evaluation
  • Individualised insurance study
  • Pay slips
  • Payroll analysis in cost centers
  • Recruitment– Contracts- Retirement - Dismissals
  • Employer grant schemes
  • Contract Conversion
  • Effectively dealing with audits
  • Statements per employee and per fund
  • Update on the changes in collective bargaining agreements
  • Work schedules
  • Part-time contracts
  • Job rotation contracts
  • Employees’ leave register
  • Overtime register
  • Safety technician and occupational physician issues
  • Labour dispute resolution


  • IFRS
  • Financial and Managerial Αccounting
  • Valuation of Entities
  • Costing
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