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Questions regarding consulting services

May a profitable company be settled out-of-court?
In order for an entity to be settled out-of-court, it must not only have earnings before interest, taxes and amortisation, but also...
Let us assume that one makes a 50,000.00€ investment in an enterprise. Given that the interest rate is currently 6%, is this investment worth it?

In order to investigate whether this investment is worthwhile, you need to identify the timescale you want to look at and what will be...

Is it necessary to work out a business plan, before investing in a business activity?

In most countries there is no legislation about this, but statistically speaking, those who actually imprinted their concept idea into a business plan have had better results than those who just kept it in their minds. Strategic planning is being achieved...

Could you tell me which should be the initial capital that will yield a value of 50,000.00 within five years at a 5.5% interest rate?

The initial capital is 38,256.72 €.

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